I need Administrator rights to install Respondus LockDown Browser (Windows)
Posted by Respondus Support

The InstallShield setup for LockDown Browser needs to run with Administrator rights to work properly. For Windows 8 and 10 this means the setup needs to have permission to run by the administrator of the computer. You may also need to enter a password for the Administrator Windows account. 

If the you are still unable to download the LockDown Browser installer or run it, these steps will resolve most causes of the problems:
1. Directly log into the Windows computer as a local administrator with full rights. Do not use "Switch User" or a "Remote Desktop" access.
2. Temporarily relax all security software. Afterwards, restore your anti-virus to its regular status.
3. Download the LockDown Browser installer intended for your institution.
4. Run the installer and accept the prompts to modify or repair LockDown Browser.
5. Start LockDown Browser to verify installation. Exit the browser.
6. Re-enable any security software that was disabled in Step 2.