How can I move a Respondus 4 file from one computer to another?
Posted by Respondus Support

If moving one file at a time, use the “Archive Wizard” located on the Start menu in Respondus 4. The Archive Wizard will pull together all files (images, equations, etc) associated with the exam into one compressed archive file (with the .rsa extension). You can then copy this file to a removable storage (CD-R/RW, USB Flash Drive), place it on a network drive, or e-mail it to the other computer. To restore the file to another computer that has Respondus 4 installed on it, select the Open task and “Browse” to the file. The project will be restored upon selecting it.

If you want to move all Respondus 4 project files from one computer to another, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to browse to the Respondus Projects folder. Copy the entire Respondus Projects folder to a portable drive or a network folder. Then, on the second computer, locate the Respondus Projects folder and copy the entire contents of the original Respondus Projects folder to this location. Note that copying onto an existing Respondus Projects folder might replace files of the same name. To avoid overwriting any existing files, copy the Respondus Projects folder to the second computer with a new file name "Respondus Projects-COPY" and then use the Open task and "Browse" to a Respondus 4 file. During open, Respondus 4 will copy the files to the current Respondus Projects folder on the second computer.