I am a Moodle user, what is the difference between the "Respondus QTI Importer" and the "Moodle Module for Respondus 4"?
Posted by Respondus Support

The "Respondus QTI Importer" is a legacy Moodle plug-in that allows Respondus users to save assessments in QTI format and manually import them into Moodle 1.9.x through the importer. The "Respondus QTI Importer" is no longer supported.
The "Moodle Module for Respondus 4," replaces the Respondus QTI Importer, provides full publish and retrieve support for Moodle 3.x in Respondus 4. 

We recommend that Moodle administrators install the Moodle Module for Respondus 4. Please see: http://www.respondus.com/download/moodleserver.shtml