“Unable to obtain a list of e-learning systems from the Respondus servers.”
Posted by Respondus Support

At startup, Respondus LockDown Browser will go to a Respondus server to obtain the current settings for the institution. If the browser is unable to access the Respondus servers, consider the items below:

1. Be sure your Internet connection is working.

2. A local firewall or security software may be preventing Respondus LockDown Browser from accessing the Internet. (On a Windows computer, check the items in the System Tray located in the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar.) Make sure that “LockDownBrowser.exe” (Windows) or “LockDown Browser” (Mac) has been added as an accepted application to any security software that is running.

3. A firewall, proxy or other campus network software may be blocking access to one of the servers used during the startup step, which are: www.respondus.com and www.respondus2.com. You may need to contact your IT department to determine if these servers are being blocked and to have them added to an “allow-list.”