Can students use a Calculator during a test that requires LockDown Browser?
Posted by Respondus Support

Respondus LockDown Browser prevents other applications from being accessed by the student during an assessment, including the Windows or Mac "Calculator" tool. However, there are times when an instructor wants to allow students to use an online calculator during an assessment. A calculator option will appear on the toolbar for LockDown Browser if you enable it for the exam in the LockDown Browser Dashboard. 

In the Dashboard, choose "Settings" for the exam, then select "Advanced Settings." Check the box for "Enable Calculator on the toolbar," then choose from either Standard Calculator or Scientific Calculator.

Once a calculator has been enabled for an exam, students can access the calculator via an icon on the LockDown Browser toolbar:

The standard calculator:

The scientific calculator:

For the calculator to appear, LockDown Browser needs to be able to connect to our server at "". If the computer and/or network is blocking access to that server, the calculator icon will not appear in the LockDown Browser toolbar.